Past President- Holly Kut  
President- Brian Roney
President Elect- Erica Ayers
Executive Director- Kym Kirby
Administrative Assistant-Shannon Koch

SC Association for the Advancement of Health Education

President – Lara Peck
President Elect – Jennifer Bossi
Past President – 
Bethann Rohaly

                SC Association for Physical          Education & Sport

   President –  Carmen Plemmons
   President Elect – Jaci Foister-Williams
            Past President – Marc Camp                           

SC Dance Association

President – Rebecca Lee
President Elect –Madeline Thiemann
Past President – 
Melissa McCrary

SC Association of Future Professionals

President – Garrett Bowers
Vice President – Vacant
Advisor – Adam Keath

PO Box 445•White Rock, SC 29177803-575-2822


•Monday -Thursday•8am-10am & 2pm-6pm

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