2020 SCAHPERD Calendar

January 25                             SCAHPERD Leadership Development Conference

February 10                           Newsletter Articles Due                                                                                                                   

February 10-14                   Arts Advocacy Week

February 21                            SCAHPERD Board and Committee Chair Conference Call

February 22                           SCDA Board Meeting

February 22                           Call for SCAHPERD BOD Reports

February 29                           SCAHPERD BOD Reports Due

March 6                                     Announce R.E. Hampton Scholarship Information

March 11                                  SCAHPERD Executive Committee Meeting

March 12                                  SCAHPERD Board Meeting, 5:30pm-7:30pm

March 13                                  SCAHPERD Conference Proposals Priority Deadline

March 17                                  SCAPES Board Conference Call

March 28                                  Strategic Planning committee conference call

April 16                                      SCAPES Board Conference Call

April 18                                      Call for SCAHPERD BOD Reports

April 21                                      Strategic Planning committee conference call

April 22-25                              SHAPE America, Salt Lake City

April 25                                      SCDA Board Meeting

April 25                                      SCAHPERD BOD Reports Due

May 1 – 7                                  National Physical Education and Sport Week

May 6                                           SCAHPERD Executive Committee Meeting

May 7                                           SCAHPERD Board Meeting, 5:30pm-7:30pm

May 26                                        Strategic Planning Committee Conference Call

June 10                                        SCAPES Board Conference Call

June 13                                        SCAHPERD Conference Proposals Due

June 30                                        Strategic Planning Committee Conference Call

June 18-21                                SAM LDC (ED & SCAHPERD Pres. Elect), Portland, ME

July 1                                             Newsletter Articles Due

July 9                                             SCAPES Board Conference Call

July 9                                            Conference Planning Committee Meeting (SCAHPERD Office 10am)

July                                                 Southern States LDC (ED & Elect, Location, Date, Time TBA)

July 21                                          Strategic Planning Committee Conference Call

July 22                                          SCAHPERD Board Conference Call

July 28                                          Board Vote for Hampton Scholarship

August 1                                      Honors and Awards Deadline

August 5                                      PEAK Workshop

August 6                                     Call for SCAHPERD BOD Reports

August 6                                     Conference deadline for Program (Bios and Pictures)

August 13                                   SCAHPERD BOD Reports Due                

August 13                                   Deadline to Distribute Scholarship Funds 

August 14                                   Conference Deadlines for Program (Contracts due)

August 25                                   Strategic Planning Committee Conference Call

September 9                              SCAPES and SCAAHE Board Conference Call

September 9                              SCAHPERD Executive Committee Meeting

September 10                           SCAHPERD Board Meeting, 5:30pm-7:30pm

September 19     SCDA Board Meeting

November 12                             SCAHPERD Annual Board Meeting

Nov 13-15                                    SCAHPERD Annual Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC

November 15                             SCAHPERD Annual Business Meeting

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