The South Carolina Association for Physical Education and Sport strives to implement and advocate the development of physical education, physical activity and physical fitness through high quality, research-based programs facilitated by competent, educated professionals.  SCAPES delivers these programs equally to all citizens of South Carolina by promoting opportunities for professional development and participation in programs, projects and activities for its members. Programs that aid in the mission of SCAPES include:
  • Annual convention provides opportunities for professional development through varied and innovative sessions featuring nationally recognized presenters
  • Professional Development programs offer a variety of professional growth opportunities
  • Honors for excellence in the teaching of physical education
  • Advocacy Initiatives raise public awareness of the profession and the importance of establishing a healthy lifestyle
  • Events that promote health and fitness
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills through participation in committee and officer positions
  • Opportunities to network for physical education and sport professionals

2017-2018 SCAPES Officers and Chairs

President – Debbie Holcombe–

President Elect – Adam Mullis –

Past President – Penny Wyatt–

Treasurer – Gina Hilts–

Parliamentarian –

VP of PE Division – Melissa Patterson–

VP-Elect of PE Division – Anna Candler –

K-12 PE Chair – Mike Lally–

K-12 PE Chair Elect – Brandy Ellis –;

Higher Education Chair – Kathy Davis–

Higher Education Chair Elect – Dr. Leland Nielsen–

Adaptive PE Chair – Nancy Crowe–

Adaptive PE Chair Elect –

VP of Sport/Wellness –

VP of Sport/Wellness Elect– Addy Schelble –;

Youth Sports Chair– Merri Martin–

Youth Sports Chair Elect –

General Wellness Chair – Rose Clawson–

General Wellness Chair Elect –